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Want to grow your impact and your practice on Facebook? We'll 'Do-it-For-You'






How does it work?

Step 1: Register now for our Do-It-For-Your Facebook Timeline Posting Service

Step 2: Instantly, you will receive instructions on how to set up your account

Step 3: We will begin posting to your Facebook Page Timeline within 24-48 hours of your setting up your account.

It's simple, easy and affordable.

It's FREE to try!

Sign up now and you'll receive AmpLIFEied PRO at no charge for the next 14 days, with absolutely no obligation to buy.

If you're not happy, you can cancel within the first 14 days by simply sending us an email that you'd like to cancel.

After 15 days, you will be charged $96 $48 per month.


Introductory Price:

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We’ve done this for many chiropractors, we know what works!
Here's an example:



Check out these live examples:
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Life University:
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Dr. Marc Gottlieb:
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“Can I still post to my Page?”

Yes, it's your Page... If you'd like to add your own posts you and/or your staff can add anything you'd like to anytime...

You're in charge. If we ever post something and you do not like it, you simply delete that post and it's gone... We've made posts seen by tens of thousands of people and we know what works but it's your Page and you're always in charge.

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Special Bonuses


Bonus #1
Chiro Social Media Academy

The ultimate social marketing workshop for chiropractors

Register now... and we'll include a complimentary membership to Chiro Social Media Academy, the world's best 7-Day Facebook Training for Chiropractors.

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Bonus #2
"I LIKE My Chiropractor" Sign

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The Facebook posts we create for you will:

  • Keep your name in front of your patients
  • Attract more new patients
  • Encourage referrals

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*Please note that the introductory price is only good for new customers. The introductory price will end after 6 months of service and you will be billed $96 per month every 30 days after.

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